About Closing Your Event

Closing your event tells us that you’ve completed your fundraising event, and that you’re ready to receive the proceeds from your online donations. Closing your event will also disable your account until you reactivate your license for the next fundraising event.

Once closed, the FundMonkey accounting system will process a check and subtract the online transaction fees for all donations raised online. Please allow 10 to 15 days from the event close date for your payment to be processed.

The check will be paid and addressed to your organization (using the billing address provided on the contact and billing information screen), and mailed to the attention of the registered contact for your event.

Before closing your event, you may want to take note of the following details:

  1. Wait a few weeks to allow for late, online donations to be processed.
  2. Update your FundMonkey Page to thank the supporters, volunteers, participants, donors and local businesses sponsors that have supported your event.
  3. Add the names of local businesses that donated to your event to your FundMonkey Page. You can also include a hyperlink to their website.
  4. You may also include a few selected photos from your event, share testimonials, or talk about how your organization met their goal.
  5. Then use the FundMonkey Page to notify the community of the success of your fundraiser.

Once your event is closed:

  1. You will NOT be able to edit the FundMonkey Page or access the Campaign Management tools.
  2. All donations will be moved to an archive file.
  3. Donation codes will be deactivated.

Your FundMonkey Page will still be visible on the Internet, however your FundMonkey Page editing tools and event management access will be dormant until you re-activate your event license. If you have any questions about this process please call: 877-749-3736.