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Raise More Money and Keep More of Your Profits! 

We keep it simple with  

         No monthly fees 

         No long term commitments 

         No programming 

         No restrictions on the number of participants 

         No date restrictions 

         No hassle 

FundMonkey is truly the Best Value in Fundraising 

License Fee: FundMonkey has the lowest upfront expenses. The cost of registering with FundMonkey is only $149.00, returning customers save $50 dollars on future licenses.   

The Event Management interface and campaign management tools will support an: 

         Unlimited Number of Participants 

         Unlimited number of emails 

         Unlimited amount of credit card transactions 

Marketing Materials 

         Donation collection envelopes: $59.99 for each hundred pack. 

Processing Fees: We pass through processing fees from our Credit Card processor of 2.9% plus $0.30 cents per transaction.   

Technology Fees: To keep the upfront costs low, FundMonkey charges a reasonable technology fee of just 5.5% for ONLY the credit card transactions processed online for donations or registrations.   

The technology fee helps us cover the cost of:   

         credit card gateway 

         monthly PCI security audits 

         Internet bandwidth 

         on-line campaign management and reporting tools 

         bulk e-mail services 

         great customer service 

         web designers and database engineers 

NOTE: Technology Fees do NOT apply to contributions from in-person or business donations. Every dollar collected in the donation envelopes is yours. Every dollar from business donations is yours!  

TOTAL FEES COMBINED for all online transactions is 8.4% plus $0.30 cents per transaction, which will be deducted from online transactions. Much of this can be recovered when FEE RECAPTURE is enabled, allowing donors the opportunity to add 9% to their online donations.  


The Bottom Line: Our total fees are the lowest of any campaign management solution and with nothing to sell or deliver, you'll keep most of your profits.   









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