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Maximize Your Proceeds and Exceed Your Expectations!    

Fundraising groups who use our proven program can earn as much as 30% more than a DIY fundraising event.   Why, because we provide the same professional resources, used by national organizations, for promoting and managing your fundraising campaign.  

When you finish your event, send us your fundraising story and we'll share your results and strategies with our family of healthy fundraiser.  Thank you! 


School:   Tanglen Elementary - Minnetonka, MN                     

Event:    Walk-a-thon    Goal:  $9,000     Raised:  $18,000   Profit %:  95% 

Testimonial:  "Our school decided to do the walk-a-thon fundraiser with only about 4 weeks to organize and execute.  What a wonderful partner to help us get through this.    

They walked us through how it would work in a short period of time.  The marketing materials were delivered promptly and looked wonderful and make it even easier for the kids to ask for donations to help our school.    

It was a wonderful event and we were very happy with how it all worked together, our custom web page was easy to use and update, there were no glitches and there was a great feedback mechanism to let us know when online donations were made.  Keeping track of the donations online was simple and pain free.  We will go back for our next fundraising event."  

Katia Holmes  


School:  Forest Elementary - Crystal, MN       

Event:   Walk-a-thon    Goal: $9,900     Raised:  $13,800     Profit %:  92% 

Testimonial:  "Thank you for this terrific program.  We raised $13,800 and exceeded our goal by nearly $4000 averaging $20/student with 48% participation.  The top 33 students raised $5,756.93!!! Simply amazing! 

We are thrilled with the results of the fundraiser. We plan to purchase some items for the playground in the coming weeks. It will be items like 4 square balls, soccer balls, jump ropes, etc. - things we can order and receive quickly. We want the kids to know that their efforts paid off and give them something to be proud of every day!"    

Lori Hunke   


School:   Assumption School - Granger, IA 

Event:   Bike-a-thon    Goal:  $20,000    Raised:  $25,000    Profit %:  97% 

Testimonial:  "The pre-packaged solutions  greatly simplify the entire process and can be used by anyone.  The colorful marketing materials and collection envelopes allowed our event, which I co-chaired, to raise more money than any other student lead fundraiser in our school's history.  The best part is, that after all that hard work, we were able to keep over 95% of our proceeds as profit.  I would recommend this program to anyone."  

Sharon Lyddon    


School:   Nodland-Sunnyside Elementary - Sioux City, IA 

Event:    Walk-a-thon     Goal: $18,000     Raised:  $22,500   Profit %:  88% 

Testimonial:  "This program helped us with our first ever Walk-a-thon.   We raised nearly $5,000 in cash alone from businesses to underwrite the cost of t-shirts, prizes and bounce houses for the day of the event.  We had many other businesses donate prizes, water, food, and items for the goodie bags. 

Parents were involved primarily with the event itself by volunteering to mark off laps, man the first aid station, sell water & snack mix, register participants. Other parents assisted with sorting t-shirts and filling the participant goodie bags and tallying weekly pledges. 

Each week for 3 weeks leading up to the event, we collected packets on Fridays and collected money and tallied pledges.  We announced on Monday the classes/teachers that had the most envelopes turned in (not the most money raised, but the most amount of envelopes turned in each week).  That class got a prize (like granola bars - the kids just really like hearing their class announced over the loud speaker).  And we also drew names from each school from the list of kids who turned in their packets. We drew 5 names per week from each school (Nodland is TK - 2 and Sunnyside is 3-5). 

The event itself was held on a beautiful September afternoon - everyone in attendance had a great time and enjoyed the day and activities. Students were awarded a participation certificate with the number of laps.  

What a great fundraiser, we look forward to getting an early start next year!  

Emily Pittenger  


School:  Glacier Ridge PTO    - Dublin, OH 

Event:   Fun Run     Goal: $10,000                Raised:  N/A     Profit %:  N/A 

Testimonial:  "Thanks for all of your tremendous help.  Your customer service was impeccable.  Your technical support very prompt. We would use your service again in the future!  Thanks for everything you did to help us hold a successful Tiger Trot!" 

Kathy Eshelman 








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