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Day of Event 





Schedule Post Event activities such as games or contests to keep children occupied until all participants have finished the event. 





Use a PA system to make announcements to be heard over the din of eager participants.  





Plan a maximum time line for your event. In most cases, two hours will provide plenty of time for the event activities.  





Very large school groups can hold their event in two hour heats based on ages. 





Check with groups like the National Guard to see if they can supply post event activities. Many National Guard troops have portable climbing walls that they can bring to your event.  





Use our spreadsheet for tabulating registrations, donations and laps for participants.  





Schedule about 30 to 45 minutes to hold your Awards Ceremony after the event. 





Use a couple of golf carts to travel the route during the event to provide aid in the event of injuries and to provide relief to your volunteers. 

By the time you get to this step, you've probably already held several discussions and planning sessions about the day of your fundraising activity. However, here are a few ideas that may help you finish with a successful event. 

Remember, your event will be completely unique, if you have an idea that works for you, please send us an e-mail and we will share it on our Facebook Fan page. 

Closed Events: 

Most schools will probably host a closed event. If you are hosting a closed event, then you didn't invite members of the public and you probably won't need to collect registration fees on the day of the event.   

Instruct students to turn-in final donations on the Monday before the event. Additional donations will continue to trickle in even on the day of the event, but the amounts should be minimal.   

For a school, it is simple to make all donations due no later than the Monday before the event. This gives you time to tabulate all donations and have prize levels figured for all participants by the day of your event. 

Open Events: 

When hosting an open event, most of your registrations can be taken online through your FundMonkey page or you can email them a registration form.   

Most of your registration fees will be collected online by your deadline. however be ready for new participants wanting to register on the day.   

Order extra t-shirts for these last minute arrivals.   

All donations should be turned in on this day. Trusted members of your event committee should be assigned to handle donations as they are turned in because they will be responsible for a significant amount of money.   

Use the forms found online for managing your participant's registration and event status. These forms, in Microsoft Excel, can be printed or used live from a laptop computer.  

No matter which type of event you are hosting, on the day of your signature fundraising event, you will need to plan for the following.  

Arrive Early 

You, your event committee wand some of your volunteers will need to arrive early to setup the registration tables, route and event start area.  


1.      Be sure your route is properly marked 

2.      Ice down beverages as needed 

3.      Organize food and drink stations throughout the route and use portable sun shelters where needed 

4.      Be sure portable toilet facilities are delivered and ready for use (if necessary) 

5.      Display Prizes for public viewing by participants 

6.      Setup Public Address or DJ area 

7.      Organize registration area and prepare materials 

8.      Give direction to your professional helpers such as local police, paramedics, ambulance crew, and DJ as needed. 


Prepare Participants and Start Event 

Some groups may start their event with a prayer or blessing. Speak to your participants about route information, restroom locations and first aid locations and any details that may be particular to your event. Be sure to cover post event activities.   


During the Event 

         Cruise the route in a golf cart to monitor event activities. 

         Keep volunteers happy by delivering water and replacements. 

         Replenish food and water stations when needed 


Prepare for Awards Ceremony 

During the event, tabulate laps and donations for awarding prizes and ribbons.   



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