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Creating your FundMonkey web page is easy when you use one of our templates below.   Select the layout of choice and download. 

These templates are Microsoft Word documents that can be downloaded, edited with your information and uploaded into your custom page.  You can highlight text and create hyperlinks to connect to your event sponsors web pages or create click-through e-mail addresses.    

If you don't have Microsoft Word, please download Open Office writer (free)! 

Just edit and upload, it's that easy! 

NOTE:  These templates use MS Word's "table" feature.  Each text/picture box is a cell within a table.   Tables make it easy to organize information and insert photos and logos.  You can also color text and cells within a table like the ones below.     

IMPORTANT:  NEVER use floating text boxes on your Fundraising webpage.  Floating text boxes are not supported by Webframe and may cause problems with your page layout and interfere with the Webframe editing tools.    

IMPORTANT:  Always refresh your browser after uploading a new web page to view the lastest changes.     

Place your cursor in the box that you would like to color and click the paint can in the tool bar.  Selecting a color will fill the space in that cell.  Next to the paint can you can select or delete borders in your cell.  

Click here for a free online course on creating and formatting basic tables.   


Original Template 

iWalk for iPads 





Easy Template  


If you don't like any of these templates, you are welcome to create your own page in Microsoft Word.  FundMonkey pages work best when laid out with tables for organizing information and photographs.    

Remember, NEVER use floating text boxes in your fundraising web page.  

REMEMBER:  Always refresh your browser after uploading a new web page to view the lastest changes.     

If you create a cool FundMonkey page, please let us know about it.  We may add your page to our template database and give your full credit for its design.    


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