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Find volunteers for your school event at school registration, open house or conferences.  






Borrow a couple of golf carts to travel to different check points with food and bottled water for your volunteers. 






Remind Volunteers to bring their lawn chairs, sun glasses and sun screen 






Committee members should oversee key aspects of the event and delegate supporting duties to the volunteers. 





Happy Volunteers are returning volunteers.   It is important to make sure they have the opportunity to rotate out for biology breaks and water breaks.   A couple of golf carts riding the route with water and first aid items will be very handy for this task. 


The number, knowledge and experience of your volunteers will make a huge difference in the success of your campaign and fundraising activity.     

Efficiently delegating and organizing your volunteers, will make for a very smooth running campaign and event. 

Schools and Emergency Responders will require different methods for enlisting volunteers. 

How Many Volunteers: 

Managing the Campaign - During the campaign you may require volunteers to send letters to local businesses and maybe visit those local business seeking sponsorships.  

Other volunteers may be on the lookout for great deals or closeouts on merchandise, prizes and technology for your participants.  

Weekly donation turn ins will require volunteers to count donations, mark off envelopes and hand them back to the classrooms.    

Managing a Fundraising Activity - Some fundraising activities may be indoors and others outdoors.   School groups may choose to hold classroom based read-a-thons or academic triathlons where supervision is already in the classroom.    

Outdoor fundraising activities will require additional volunteers.    

Be sure to identify the number of traffic control intersections and locations for first aid, water and food stands.    

Each committee member should oversee, with the help of volunteers where necessary, the different aspects of the event:  

  1. Registration - includes collecting final pledges, donations and registration fees as well as managing participants and answering questions
  2. Route - spend time on the route to ensure safety of participants and happy volunteers
  3. Relief Stations - Water, first aid and food stations will need to checked and re-stocked if necessary
  4. Extracurricular Activities - Games with prizes before, during and after the event can be a fun way to entertain participants. 
  5. Awards Ceremony - held at the end of the event to reward participants for event times, laps or pledges collected.


Volunteers are happier if they work in pairs.  Also, remind them to bring their folding chairs, sun glasses and plenty of sunscreen. 

  • Committee member and volunteers to work the registration and information table, sign in participants and hand out numbered racing bibs
  • Two volunteers for each intersection
  • At least Two volunteers for each food/water stand
  • As many as four supporting volunteers to assist with making the other volunteers and sponsors comfortable.  Golf carts come in handy here!
  • Others as may be required by your individual event. 

This guide should help you calculate the number of volunteers you will need for your unique event.   Be sure to remind the volunteers that this will be a day of fun.    

Enlisting Volunteers: 

Professional Groups - Emergency responders can rely on their own ranks and family members to work intersections and food/water stands.    Mass e-mail will also encourage friends and community members to volunteer.  Be sure to collect e-mail addresses of your volunteers.     

Schools - will require parents, teachers and spouses to work intersections and food/water stands.  Parents can be signed up at school registration, open house or conferences.  Mass e-mail will also encourage parents to volunteer.  Be sure to collect e-mail addresses of your volunteers.    



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