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Manage the Fundraising Campaign 





If you hold your Kickoff on a Friday afternoon, plan to collect money for at least three Fridays and hold your event on the fourth or fifth Friday or weekend. 




Email Pledge codes every week to your participants to remind them of the online fundraising capabilities of your FundMonkey web page. 




Send Information e-mails to keep your participants and the parents of school students informed of the drawings and the progress of the fundraising campaign. 




Send reminders to parents regarding the weekly prize drawings, so they may assist you in motivating the students. 




Plan on providing weekly prizes prior to the kickoff. 




Hold contests for Friday prizes for participants and classrooms during your campaign.  







Communication + Motivation = Participation = Donation 

During the fundraising campaign, use FundMonkey's proven campaign management tools to communicate with participants and motivate them to participate in your campaign.  

Participation in the fundraising event or activity should be mandatory, however, participating in the campaign, is usually voluntary, that is why motivating students to participate will help improve participants and overall donations.  


During your campaign, you will need to motivate students to participate in the campaign every week not just last minute, on the day of the event. To accomplish this we recommend weekly drawings. Here are a few ideas: 

         Make every Friday a voluntary turn in day.   

         Recommend each student turn in at least 1/3 of their goal each Friday to win prizes for classrooms and participants. 

         Hold a random drawing/s for all the students that turn in at least 1/3 of their goal. 

         Have a prize for the most money turned in each Friday. 

         Announce prize winners before the end of the day. 


Communicate with parents to keep the fundraising campaign moving along. Be sure to email your FundMonkey web page and the donation codes at least once a week to parents, to encourage on-line donation requests.   

Healthy Choices Curriculum: 

Work with local clinics and emergency responders to schedule an assembly addressing healthy activities and choices for school children. Seek assistance from hospitals, fire departments, local colleges or university extension offices.  

Coordinate with school principals. If your district has a healthy choices curriculum, the timeframe of the fundraising campaign would be a great couple of weeks to implement the material.   


Professional Organizations: 

Communicate weekly with your participants through email. E-mail your FundMonkey web page along with instructions for requesting donations on-line with their unique pledge codes. Also, send pledge codes weekly to your participants.   

Weekly prizes may work for this group as well, especially in a tight-knit business or office setting.   



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