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Choose the Appropriate Event 





Regardless of the event that you choose, there are certain necessities that should be included with every event. 

Click here to see them. 





For a public event, send us an e-mail with a link to your FundMonkey web page and we will list your link under our Events tab on our websites. 





In case of rain or inclement weather, have a rain date planned for your event.   Be sure to have a calling tree or e-mail list and give your participants plenty of notice. 





Fun Run's for Elementary Schools can consist of students running around the football field or running around the school building.    After each lap, encourage students to take a short break before they continue their next lap. 





A Bike-a-thon at a school will require bicycle handling, storage and labeling prior to the event. 





Be sure to require Helmets at a bike-a-thon.   





For shorter routes, it is okay to have your participants ride or run laps around your route. 






The Type of event you host will determine the length of your route.  Faster moving events can have longer routes than slower moving events 





Consider holding your event where facilities are already available.  Click here for more. 



FundMonkey provides the technology, marketing materials and know-how to support virtually any activity.  If you can imagine it, FundMonkey will support it! 

There are two options for hosting your event;  

  1. Public events are open to the public and will allow participants to register and pay registration fees over the Internet for participating in their event. 
  2. Private events are usually hosted by schools that wish to keep their activity private from outsiders.  They may or may not charge registration fees, but they don't invite strangers to their fundraising event. 

FundMonkey provides methods for taking on-line registrations for hosting a public event.  If you choose to make your event public, you are encouraged to send us an e-mail along with a link to your FundMonkey web page and we'll link your page under our events tab.    

You can also link your FundMonkey web page to your community or chamber of commerce website or; for national attention, try linking your fundraising web page to a national website or magazine.     

Here are a few ideas that will help you choose the correct event. 


Fun Runs can be a great event for school organizations, community organizers or any group looking for a fun day of running and fundraising.  For school organizations, keep in mind that this event may not be best for younger students.     

Events open to the public can charge registration fees and solicit runners from around the community and around the state.   Be sure to publish the goals and intentions of your run, such as we are raising money to purchase a Jaws of Life, etc.     

Encourage your event participants to use their Pledge Code to seek donations to sponsor their participation and raise money for your event.   For community events, have your participants turn in their donations and pledges at the time of registration in order to qualify for Prizes.    

Within the fun run, experienced Event Administrators have the flexibility to host 5k's and 10k's along with smaller fun run activities.    

Fun Run requires a 1 to 3 mile route and amenities along the route.  Click Here to understand the needs of hosting an event.   

A Bike-a-thon is a fun event for children and adults of all ages.   For a school, a Bike Ride requires additional logistics with regards to handling and storing bicycles and helmets.   If you are managing an event for a school, volunteers must tag and store bikes at the school starting the night before the event and the morning of the event.     

Bicycles will need to be tagged with names and organized by grade and classroom.  

Your Bike Ride should require: 

  • Helmets - All participants should wear a helmet.  Check with your state patrol for helmet donation. 
  • Repairs - Ask a local bike store to help sponsor your event with a repair van and an air compressor.   Ask the bike store to bring helmets and other items for sale.

For all other groups, hosting a Bike Ride is far simpler; inform your participants that they are responsible for their own bicycle, helmet and logistics.  

Bicycles can travel much faster than other event types, so it is a good idea to have a route that is easy to manage and provides plenty of room for the number of participants that will ride.       


Walk-a-thons are the most popular fundraiser and the perfect event for any location and for any age group; however, it is great for younger school children.    

A Walk-a-thon can be held on school grounds, in a park or in the neighborhood.   Most walks can be held on sidewalks and neighborhood streets.     

A Walk-a-thon is one of the simplest to organize with regards to logistics route and location.    

In some instances, groups will incorporate a Walk along with their Fun Run.     

As you can see, fundraising events can be very flexible.    



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