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Every fundraising event is unique and different. Take note of your location, your volunteers and the ages of your participants. Design your event based on your available resources. 




The Fundraiser Kick Off date is important for gauging your timeline. All corporate donations, sponsorships and prizes should be wrapped up and available for the kickoff.  





With experience, you can plan a kickoff and host a fundraising event in less than 60 days. However if you're a newbie or first-timer, a few more weeks of planning will go a long way toward a successful event. 





Groups that already host fundraising events, can use our services to overlay on top of their current activities to turbocharge their event and maximize their proceeds. Just register your event before the kickoff and be ready to email pledge codes shortly thereafter. 





If your event is held on City streets, you may need permission from the City in the form of a written permit. 


Nearly every fundraising campaign and event is different, luckily, FundMonkey offers the flexibility you need to meet the needs of your campaign. We will do our very best to provide you with the best ideas, tools and resources to ease the process of planning, marketing and hosting your fundraising event. 

If you've come this far, then we can assume that all the members of your organization are interested in taking the next steps in launching a fundraising event.  

Here are a few details you will need to know in order to make the right decision BEFORE you get started. 

Timing - For best results, we suggest, 60 to 90 days from initial planning activities to hosting your event. Usually 30 to 60 days of planning prior to the kickoff and another 21 days of campaigning before the event.   

The more experience you have, the less time you will need. We've had schools plan for just a few weeks, prior to their kickoff, and still host profitable fundraisers.  

Committee Members - Choose four individuals or couples from your group to be your event committee members. This group will be required to step up to do the heavy lifting of planning and hosting your fundraising event. Don't be afraid to delegate responsibilities to other reliable volunteers.   

Volunteers - At least 15 - 20 volunteers will be required on the day of the event and a few volunteers may be required during the 3-4 week fundraising campaign. Please check the "Volunteers" link for more detailed information.  

Number of Participants - The number of participants may determine where you hold your event, what type of event you hold and how many volunteers you will need. Keep this in mind during your pre-planning.  

Location - Your location will be critical to the type of event you can host. Suburban neighborhoods with light traffic can use the streets for running, walking or biking. Some locations have very large parks. Other locations, such as schools, have large sports facilities on or near the property. Every location and geography is different. Choose the event that best fits with your age group and location.   

Slower moving events will require a shorter route such as a mile to mile route with several laps while faster moving events such as a Bike Ride can support longer routes. Also keep in mind, that the age of your participants may also determine the length of your route.  

Permission - You may need permission from the city, school, local police or a private business to host your event on their property.   

If you are comfortable with these details, then you are ready to register your event license on-line with FundMonkey.   





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